Summer 2015 BBA Courses from Marymount Reston

Marymount’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students can take advantage of offerings from the Reston Center in Summer 2015. Courses include a convenient evening course as well as two online courses. Summer Reston BBA courses occur between May 18 and August 1, 2015.

LA 249 Business Law II
Tuesdays – 6-10pm
A study of the law relating to the development and operations of partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations, and of the government agencies that regulate business. Prerequisite: LA 248. (3)

MGT 304 Organizational Management
A study of behavior in organizations and influences of individual, group, and organizational processes on performance. Among the topics that will be introduced are interpersonal perception, motivation, group and team dynamics, decision-making, influence and conflict, interpersonal communication, and organizational cultures. For students completing a Bachelor of Business Administration, a minimum grade of C is required to continue in the program. Prerequisite: MGT 123 or EN 102. (3)

MKT 485 International Marketing
Lectures, discussion, and case studies are used to understand international and multinational marketing. Specific topics include the importance of culture, international marketing groups, channel structures, and ethical issues. Prerequisite: MKT 301. Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: GP. (3)

For more information about any course descriptions or class meeting times, visit Marynet.

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