Nonprofit Management: A Marymount Student’s Career Perspective

Yasmeen Fields is executive director of the Society of Breast Imaging in Reston, Virginia.

Yasmeen Fields is executive director of the Society of Breast Imaging in Reston, Virginia.

Yasmeen Fields, a current student in Marymount’s graduate program in Nonprofit Management, shares her perspectives on career and education.

What are your career goals?
My goal is to obtain my professional designation as a Certified Association Executive. I am currently working towards this goal.

Why did you decide to pursue graduate education in Nonprofit Management?
I have worked at a nonprofit for over 10 years and continue to learn and grow within it. I wanted to enhance what I have learned on the job through higher education.

Why did you choose Marymount?
I chose Marymount because of its program offering. The courses in the certificate were very appealing to me and I knew that they would benefit me in my career. I also appreciate Marymount’s Reston location. Taking a class right after work isn’t overwhelming since I am just down the road from the Reston Center.

How do you balance work with your academic commitments?
I am fortunate to have a very supportive supervisor and a  Board of Directors that all want to see me achieve my goals. I have learned to manage my time even more efficiently now that I have academic responsibilities along with work. When I travel, I take my textbook with me so I can read on the plane or I take my lunch hour, something I never did before because I would just work through my lunch, and I read or work on my assignments. This has actually helped me maintain my work-life balance because I don’t have stress about my workload when I am at home with my two young children.

Would you recommend Marymount’s program in Nonprofit Management to others? Why?
Yes, I would strongly recommend the program to others. For me, this program represents a logical stepping stone for forward mobility within your respective organization. Because the programs covers a variety of topics it allows the student exposure to areas they may not have direct access to in their current positions and really sets the student up for upper level management or executive management.

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